General Terms of sales

1 - General:

The placing of an order implies full and unreserved acceptance of the buyer to present general conditions of sale. Any condition contrary by

the purchaser to the seller will be unenforceable, regardless of its form and whatever time it could have been brought to his attention - the

buyer ordering acknowledges having read these terms General Sales and declares not to use any material that could contravene them. No

special requirements and / or derogatory may not, except formal written acceptance of the seller, prevail against the general conditions of

sale. Insofar as "Manufactori" sells handmade furniture, variations may occur from one room to another. We reserve the right at any time to

stop the marketing of a model and without notice. Commercial products may also be subject to change.

2 - Price:

The prices are per unit in Euro, net, excluding VAT, excluding shipping charges. "Manufactori" reserves the right to revise its prices at any

time, depending on changes in their components, or in any event of major force, and notify the customer as soon as possible. For every new

customer "Manufactori" reserves the right to require an extract from the commercial register or directory of businesses and RIB.

"Manufactori" reserves the right to conduct an investigation on its financial clients.

3 - Delivery:

EEC: Minimum order: 1200 € HT. All orders are payable in advance by bank transfer or by check upon presentation of the pro forma

invoice. The Port is fixed and depends on the place of delivery (for more details please contact us).

The transport to Switzerland, Norway and Andorra support customs fees up to the French side € 79.72 HT

Outside the EEC: Minimum order 1500 €. All orders are payable in advance by bank transfer upon presentation of the pro forma invoice. The

goods prepaid, payment is made in advance of the presentation of pro forma invoice. Customs charges exports of € 79.72 is payable for each

shipment outside the EEC.

Delivery times are indicative and not binding. A delay in delivery can in no case lead to cancellation of an order, nor to any delivery and any

damages. Whatever the mode of shipping the goods travel at the risk of the purchaser.

We reserve the right to make partial deliveries, in which case the buyer can not rely on waiting for the balance of the order to defer payment.

4 - Claims:

The customer must inspect the furniture delivery, reservations must imperatively be noted on the receipt of transportation, and must be a

written complaint by registered A / R to the carrier within 5 days after delivery, accordance with article L133-3 of the Commercial Code ",

otherwise the goods shall be deemed accepted by the customer and can not be a claim later. A copy of the complaint will be addressed to

"Manufactori" by mail or by mail with a photo.

5 - Back to:

Any return not validated by "Manufactori" will be rejected and will delay or cancel the payment of the invoice on the agreed date. Claims

based on defective merchandise may not give rise to replace them without any obligation on the part of "Manufactori."

6 - Ownership:

Pursuant to Article L624-16 of the Commercial Code "Manufactori" retains ownership of the goods sold or provided until full payment of the

price. In case of payment by instalments, the failure to pay any instalment may lead to claim the goods as "Manufactori." Until full payment

the customer shall not pledge, to transmit to whether free or modify or alter the property.

7 - Payment:

France: New client: Pro forma payment by check or bank transfer, the following command is payable 30d net invoice date.

EEC - Outside EU: Transfer or check before shipping by pro forma invoice. According to Law No. 1442 of 92 December 31, 1992, makes

any late payment due on payment of a penalty at a rate equivalent to one and half times the legal interest rate in effect

8 - Using the brand Manufactori:

Manufactori society may authorize the purchaser to apply and mention the name "Manufactori" logo "Manufactori" and all trademarks and

logos owned by him, on his campaigns, obviously for its products exclusively, and on any medium, approved in writing by Manufactori,

provided crucial that the promotion and marketing are directly and exclusively made by the buyer and not by a third party. The use of the

mark "Manufactori" logo or "Manufactori" is authorized only signing this contract, without exception, without the express agreement of the

company "Manufactori" and the recipient of the use of the mark shall comply strictly with the instructions and requirements which have been

provided by the seller. This authorization of the trademark by the buyer does not confer any right on the property of the trademark

"Manufactori" which is and remains the full property of the seller. The buyer shall, for this purpose, to ensure that information on branded

products, which have been the subject of a commercial communication, be sincere and genuine in order not to undermine the image and

Manufactori reputation of the company. The purchaser shall verify the accuracy of information disclosed on products and particularly with

regard to their consistencies, features, price and availability in stock. Any violation of these provisions may result in suspension of trade

agreements between the parties.

9 - Intellectual Properties:

To allow optimization of sales of furniture and other objects, the company "Manufactori" may make available to the purchaser of visual and

technical documents of its products. The provision of these visual documents and aims to enable the buyer to develop a communication and

promotion of quality, consistent products sold to the reputation of the brand in its field of activity and business strategy of the brand. For this

purpose, the purchaser undertakes to use these visuals with the express consent of Manufactori on communication media approved by

Manufactori. These pieces of furniture and other objects and their visual representations are and remain the intellectual property of the full

company Manufactori. Any use by third parties to the contract unless express permission is prohibited and a violation of that clause can carry

cessation of trade relations between the parties.

10 - Applicable Law - juridiction:

The present general conditions are governed by the French law the jurisdiction in any dispute, and some is the cause, will be the Commercial

Court of Paris.